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All about protein

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All proteins are strengthening proteins to some degree but here are the more specific characteristics of these proteins:All hair is composed of tough fibrous proteins called Keratins.

Keratin is a protein composed of 18 different amino acids. These chains of amino acids create hair structure. All Proteins consist of Amino Acids. Only 20 of the more than 80 Amino Acids found in nature serve as building blocks for Proteins. There are 18 different Amino Acids found in hair.

Hydrolyzed Soy Flower – Increases the hair’s ability to retain essential moisture, which protects it from damage.

Hydrolyzed Soy Flower works in the cuticle layer of the hair to improve the tensile strength of the hair.

Collagen Protein--known for increasing elasticity in the hair

Silk Protein--known for softening the hair

Wheat Protein-- a moisturizing and strengthening protein. known for increasing the hair's ability to maintain & receive moisture also.

Wheat Protein – Hydrotritleum Waa tm – Wheat Protein, a solution of wheat Amino Acids, also has the right molecular weight of approximately 150-2000. Again, with this molecular weight, it can penetrate all the layers of the hair shaft, and condition from the inside out. We use this protein because it has an enhanced powerful moisturization ability. This increased moisture retention makes hair healthier inside and shinier outside. It will improve hair’s gloss and make the hair shaft soft and supple, adding to its healthy shiny appearance.

Keratin Protein--responsible for keeping the hair strong and pliable. This is the strongest of the(hair product) proteins and is actually the one that hair is made from. This one re-structures hair that has been damaged or broken down by chemicals. It helps to replace the amino acid cysteine which is the main one lost during chemical processing.
This is the heavy duty protein.

If you see the following as an ingredient

*Vegetable protein -- Vegetable protein absorbs more easily into the hair shaft [than animal protein] and does not create build-up, leaves the hair very shiny, radiant, luxuriant, and healthy.

*Animal protein -- Animal protein breaks down into fatty acids, which coat the hair and create residual build-up.

Silk Amino Acids/Protein--Natural silk is the strongest, natural fiber known to mankind. Discovered in Japan and has been used for centuries in all kinds of products that require durability.
Silk has a tiny molecule that can penetrate the entire hair shaft deeper than all other proteins without adding any weight leaving the hair feeling clean and non-greasy

Keratin protein More Indept:

*a) Keratin protein--this will re-structure and strengthen the hair cuticle (the outer layer only & the most important layer)

The keratin in some reconstructors should not leave your hair hard like the Aphogee Treatment for damaged hair (which contains hydrolyzed animal protein). This treatment hardens on your hair for a reason and is used with mild heat.
A moisturizing conditioner is a must with this in order to soften like Keracare's humecto.

Reconstructors that contain keratin and other proteins are supposed to have enough moisture to soften the hair therefore leaving your hair with a nice protein/moisture balance."

*b) Hydrolyzed Keratin Protein or Keratin Amino Acids--this means that the Keratin molecules have been broken down and are small enough to go beyond the cuticle and penetrate the hair shaft. It will strengthen all 3 layers of the hair. That is why the term "deep conditioning" technically only refers to this kind of treatment using penetrating proteins.

*c) Hydrolyzed Human Hair Keratin--This is an exact match for the keratin your hair has (or has lot due to chemical processing). This is the highest quality and most potent keratin that can be used in hair products.

Hydrolyzed Human Hair Keratin Protein – Cretein HKP is produced by hydrolyzing human hair down to a molecular weight of approximately 150-2000. It is mixture of Amino Acids. These highly moisture-binding Amino Acids will moisturize and take that dull look away, and because this process is essentially putting hair back into hair, you will see benefits such as body and bounce and shine appear.

**This came from LHCF

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