Thursday, April 9, 2009

Natural Hair vs Relaxed

I love both. I just love anything hair. Right now I'm relaxed with Just For Me regular no lye. After being natural for 15 years I jumped into the relaxed world for a change. I been relaxed since 1-08. I haven't regretted the change cause I appreciate all things hair. The things I'm doing different this time around is air drying instead of blow drying. I love the way my hair looks. Due to me jumping on bandwagons when I first found the boards my hair is thinner than I would like. My goal of thicker head of hair will take about 5 years. I will meet most of my short term goals before then but my ultimate goal will take time. I'm a low maintenance type of person. I like to do less as possible so air drying is good for me and my hair!

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