Friday, April 10, 2009

Protein and my hair

I've discovered that I need protein weekly for my hair. I never used protein so much on my hair. I'm using it so frequently cause my hair has been extremly damaged due to abandoning my hair care regimine when I found the boards. Ok let me tell you what I mean. I've always had long healthy hair but I damaged it so bad when I dyed it and dyed on top of that and ..... I was asking around how to save my hair. I should have cut it all of but NOOOOOOO I wanted to save it. I'm searching on the internet and found the hair boards. WOW I was overwhelmed, ladies that was tring to grow hair. I jumped right in and started doing other peoples regimine like my hair was healthy. I would have been fine if my hair was healthy but the reason I came to the boards is because I was looking for help.
This is what I did:
Started cowashing. cowashing is good if you alternate products(moisture, protein conditioners)
Started buying products to define curls. That not bad if you know what it contain.
Started moisturizing daily. Thats not bad if you need it. I was just doing it just because
Stop using protein products. Just because most ladies said protein was the devil BIGGEST MISTAKE
Results of my mistakes: Clumps of hair coming out in shower. Hair falling out and shedding ended up cutting all my hair off anyway

You can learn a lot from me. Take your time and slowwwwwww. Incorporate products one at a time, evaluate then figure if you need to use it.

What I do now in next post

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